Liaoning Huaxing Chemical Industry Technology Research Institute

Liaoning Huaxing Chemical Industry Technology Research Institute -- a provincial new research and development institution, was established in June 2020, affiliated to Liaoning Shengde Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd.

HUAXING COSMETICS INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH institute is mainly engaged in the research, development and industrialization of new surfactants and downstream chemical products, fatty alcohol products and high value-added derivatives, new chemical technology and new process enhancement technology. At the same time, it undertakes scientific and technological research projects entrusted by the state, provinces and cities, and social enterprises, and implements services such as technical consultation, technical service, technology transfer, scientific and technological cooperation, and cultivation and incubation of scientific and technological enterprises.

Huaxing chemical industry institute of technology with surfactant technology center, daily chemical product research and development center, fine chemicals research and development center, new technology research and development center, cosmetic and fine chemical production of fine chemicals test center, information center, innovative business incubator, amplify the laboratory and pilot plant, graduate workstation, achievements transformation.

In accordance with the major development strategies and needs of serving the country and Liaoning Province, Huaxing Daily Chemical Industry Technology Research Institute establishes the application basic theoretical system and new technology methods of system integration for the development of surfactant application products, and develops new application technologies for surfactant and downstream products. To build a regional center platform for the preparation of surfactants, the technological research and development of daily chemical products, industrial products and the incubation of downstream innovative enterprises.