The trade union visited the families of the workers in need

- 12 noon on February 9, 2021, secretary of the party committee, the trade union chairman Jiang Deyin Zhao Libao vice chairman of the board of directors may entrust with Xu Shimin, production, trade union chairman, vice President of the union TongWenXue and party-masses work, vice minister of lily visit visiting Shao Yongbin 3 hard worker families, such as Jiang Deyin solatium were sent on behalf of the board of directors, party committee and the trade union and the New Year blessing, With the difficulties of the workers carried out cordial greetings and exchanges, a detailed understanding of the difficulties, to give spiritual encouragement, hope that they will work harder in the future, as soon as possible to get rid of poverty, to create a good living environment for the family.


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