Research and development

Graduate school programs

"Methylacrylic acid high carbon alcohol fat" research and development situation of the project: the project product is my company production of 12, 14, 10 and 18 respectively, such as natural fatty alcohol as raw materials, raw materials and by-products is formed within the enterprise and the circulation system of raw material, effective use of resources, high carbon alcohol industry chain, product is mainly used in the oil drop, many industry fields such as water reducing agent. This project has been listed in the "Unrolling List and Leading the Leader" project of the Provincial Science and Technology Department in 2021. The project is negotiating with Dalian University of Technology and Shenyang University of Chemical Technology for the preliminary listing.

②Research and development of "Amino Acid Surfactant" project: the product of this project is a new type of green degradable surfactant, and the raw materials used are all

Natural substances, with little irritation, are mainly used in high-end facial cleansers and high-end cosmetics, which is the development trend of the future daily chemicals industry. The project is being carried out in early stage with the cooperation of professor Wang Daji from Dalian Polytechnic University.

③Research and development of "polylactic acid" project: the product of this project is the raw material of a new biodegradable material, which takes the existing byproduct glycerol of the enterprise as raw material, and effectively utilizes the byproduct glycerol of the enterprise to improve the high added value of glycerol. The project is cooperating with Professor Yin Hengbo from Jiangsu University to demonstrate the data of the pilot research and development.