Liaoyang Science and Technology Bureau to Shengde Huaxing research

-- On the afternoon of March 15, Liu Zhe, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Liaoyang City, Chen Dan, Executive Vice Mayor of Dengta Municipal Government, and 10 people visited Sundehuaxing to investigate the scientific research situation of enterprises. Vice Chairman, General Manager Zhao Libao, Party Secretary, Trade Union Chairman Jiang Deyin and other leaders accompanied the investigation. The research group visited the laboratory of the research institute and held a symposium in the party-mass activity room to further understand the research and development of the research institute's projects. Chen Dan introduced the scientific and technological innovation of Dengta City, Zhao Libao introduced the enterprise production and operation, technology research and development, research institute construction, enterprise development planning and other conditions to the research group, Jiang Deyin introduced the construction of the party and the mass of enterprises, enterprise culture construction. Liu Zhe affirmed the production and operation of the enterprise, the construction of the research institute, and the research and development of the project, and introduced the policies of each department of the Science and Technology Bureau. He expressed his full support and help to promote the innovation work of Suntec Huxing science and technology project to achieve new breakthroughs.


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