2020 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2021 Work Deployment Conference

On the afternoon of April 29, 2021, Liaoning Shengde Huaxing (Huaxing Group) Chemical Co., Ltd. held the 2020 annual summary and commendation and 2021 work deployment conference.

Lin qingyu, chairman of the board of directors of jilin shengde group, huang wenhua, sun yushuang, li qiang, leaders of shengde huaxing, huaxing group and north chemical industry, a total of 180 people attended the meeting.

The congress was presided over by Jiang Deyin, Party Secretary.

The meeting opened with the grand national anthem.

Zhao Libao, vice chairman and general manager of Sundehuaxing, made the annual work report of 2020, reviewed the work and achievements of the past year, summarized the work of the first quarter of 2021, pointed out the existing problems, and made a comprehensive deployment for the production and operation of this year.

Jiang Deyin, Party secretary, read out the 2021 annual award decision.

Lin Qingyu, Huang Wenhua, Sun Yushuang, Li Qiang, leaders of Jilin Shengde Group, and Liu Xigui, Zhao Libao and Liu Haiyan, leaders of Shengde Huaxing, Huaxing Group and North Chemical, presented the prizes to the advanced collectives and advanced individuals of 2021.

The conference called on all staff to the advanced collective and advanced individuals as an example, in the New Year to achieve good results.

Production minister TongWenXue represents the advanced collectives and advanced party branch secretary, Tian Yubo representative model worker, benny ong on behalf of the team, lily on behalf of the outstanding communist party member advanced workshop, advanced RuXiaoHua represents outstanding party workers, GuanZhiYong producers, smell learn han successively as a gesture to speak on behalf of the union activist.

Lin qingyu, chairman of the board of directors of jilin shengde group, on behalf of the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors of huaxing group, congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals in recognition, and hoped that the comrades in recognition would make persistent efforts and create brilliance again! Call on all staff to learn from them, learn from their love and dedication and selfless dedication of the work spirit. At the same time, I would like to express my sincere respect to senior management and employees who have made positive contributions in their work. Season's greetings and best wishes to all employees and their families.

President Lin Qingyu stressed that we must stay true to our original aspiration, remain firm in our faith and overcome difficulties in our progress. Second, we need to develop innovatively and enhance market competitiveness. Third, we must study the spirit of the Party and contribute individual strength to the collective. Four to love the job, love the factory like home, for a common goal together. Fifth, the arduous task and long way to go, make concerted efforts to become industry leaders.

President Lin finally stressed that the targets for this year have been identified. Although the task is arduous, the brave will do everything possible to overcome the difficulties. I firmly believe that great cause, need determination, confidence, ability and responsibility, so we continuously improve the overall quality of the individual, unity and forge ahead, overcome difficulties, with a promising mental state, dare to take on the work style, to make contributions to the vigorous development of our enterprise!

The conference concluded with the sound of the Internationale.

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